Friday, 25 June 2010

Goodnight and Goodbye

to this little blog, it's been a blast.

(at this point in a movie we fade to black with symphony music playing)

Brandbook Final

Brandbook can be downloaded here and viewed online here

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Presentation Order

This is the list of each slide and the main speakers on the subject but obviously if your name isn't on that section but you feel you have something interesting/valuable to say then say it.

I'll show you most of the presentation tomorrow.
  1. Brief - Lambeth college students speak about it
  2. Brief from our point of view
  3. Why we joined YDP? - All of us
  4. Why rebrand? - Hannah
  5. Brand values - Annie + Frazer
  6. Colour pallete - Hannah
  7. Avatar concept - Alex + Adel
  8. Avatar final / the death of avatar - DJ
  9. Logo Sketches - Josh + Annie + Frazer
  10. Logo Development - Josh + Annie + Frazer
  11. 3D Logo - Alex + DJ
  12. Logo Final - Josh + Annie + Frazer
  13. Advertising concept - Frazer + Adel
  14. Visual Concept - Josh
  15. Tone of Voice - ?
  16. Our experiences - All of us
  17. Summing up - All of us

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Email from Anastasios

Dear ALL,

Our last meting before thursday (set up the exhibition) is on Wed 23rd June at 11am at Greenwich same place as last friday
I would like you to bring
1. Final or almost final presentations for the Celebration event in Whitachapel gallery
2. Any videos, that the screens will have (3d logo, stereoscopic views etc)
3. The blog presentations for the screens

I would really appreciate if you all turn up on time, as it is really crucial our last meeting

Please read the exhibitors guide, is on resources under current/ news on the UoG-YDP.CO.UK


Anton and Pierre, Will not be able to finish the work before Tuesday Morning, Can you please email the printers and copy me in, that the work will be delivered to them by Tuesday Morning, and instead of wednesday we will expect from them to deliver the work under your and my names and University of Greenwich at Old Truman Brewery at 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL


Presentation content

This is the list i have for what we need for the presentation.

  • slide x 2 for brief
  • Application (reason you applied)
  • Stages in Project development
  • Experience
  • Feedback slide

Saturday, 19 June 2010


So are we all meeting at 1pm on tuesday to discuss the presentation as Alex suggested?

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Email from Anastasios

Dear ALL,

The meeting will take place at GREENWICH Campus, as today, and
NOT at Somerset house.

I will explain to you tomorrow in more details.

Can you please make sure that you are all in on time 10am. at the Under-croft Cafe as today (QM Bulding, basement)
I am not sure if everybody have access to the email so can you please inform each other.

It is really important everybody to be there with everything we discussed today ( can you please inform your Design Team)

Annie: Do you have access on Skype for a video conference?